Lesson 2 – RECHARGE – Breaking Through Arrested Spiritual Development

This week we talked about ways that our spiritual growth can be slowed or halted entirely and how to begin healing from it. Here’s a recap of the sheets you filled out in class with answers provided in case you missed anything.

VERSE OF THE WEEK: John 4:13-14

Jesus answered and said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst, but the water that I give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”

 There can be a growth disease diagnosed in today’s churches and its members. This can properly be


All Christians experience seasons of ____SPIRITUAL DRYNESS_________.

All Christians also experience seasons of ________FRESH FIRE__________ and a pouring of________BLESSINGS_____  and    _____RIGHTEOUSNESS_______.

There are several verses in the Word of God that address this.

PSALM 63:1 is the first one. This verse gives us an answer AND a remedy to spiritual dryness it is

___TO__   ___SEEK__  __HIM___  __EARNESTLY__! Ultimately this will lend to___PERSONAL____   ___SPIRITUAL_____   _____GROWTH_____. (see also Matthew 16:24)

ISAIAH 55:3,10-11 is another verse.

This is a promise God gives us in His word. He is promising that if we ____STUDY___ His word, we can remain ____SPIRTUALLY____   ______SATISFIED_____.

Satan toys with our ____EMOTIONS_________ to stop developing spiritually or to halt our growth entirely.

If there is no ___INTERNAL___   ____GROWTH____ within the church, there will be no ___EXTERNAL_____   ____GROWTH_____ either.

Church should be the _____HIGHLIGHT_______ of every Christian’s week! It’s a glimpse into what ____CORPORATE_____    ____WORSHIP____ looks like in eternity!


Three Ways We Can HEAL from Arrested Spiritual Development

1.___PRAY____! Everything we do should begin with ___PRAYER_____. Every decision we make should be considered with ___GOD____ as our ____MENTOR___!

Reference PHILIPPIANS 4:6

2. Address areas of ____UNCONFESSED______ or ____CONTINUED__ __SIN___. This is so critical! We all __SIN__ and we all   ___STRUGGLE______ with sin.

Do some spiritual inventory! Ask yourself:

~ is there an area of sin in my life I continue doing?

~ have I confessed this sin to God? have I confessed this to another person (Christian)?

~ have I attempted to correct my sin and recover from it with accountability?

This can also apply within the ___CHURCH______.  It is the job of the __PASTOR____to address unconfessed sin among members. But let us be open to our brothers and sister to lean on.

Reference PROVERBS 28:13


After you have prayed and addressed unconfessed sin, you should feel recharged and ready to take on a new task to spur on more spiritual growth.

Some of the hardest work in being a Christian is __REACHING__  __OUT__ to those __OUTSIDE____ of our ___BELIEFS_____.  Yet, this is our __CHARGE___from God as He said in the Great Commission.

FRIEND #1 – Reach out to a member/attender of our church. Bless them in an encouraging way. Start by praying for God to lay someone on your heart and then reach out with a random act of kindness, card, or phone call to pray for them.

FRIEND #2 – Reach out to someone in your “sphere of influence” who is lost. They don’t know or understand Jesus. Be a bright light in their day and invite them to church. Ways to do this: writing out our service times and address, mention Coffee Break or WHAM, invite them to LIKE our church FB page and then bless them with something small. Candy, card, flowers, an encouragement pertaining to their situation. To increase your challenge, reach out to an “enemy” of yours. It will cause you to be challenged and allow them to think and ponder.

HOMEWORK: Share a blog post on social media along with Friend Week.

Just do it!  Be Blessed!


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