Index Card Reflection – Time of Transition

For those of you who were able to attend class yesterday, please do not forget to hang up your index card in a visible area this week (I suggest above the kitchen sink, bathroom mirror, or on the fridge) as a reminder of how you were encouraged during a time of transition as well as a way to remember to pray for your person you know who may be dealing with a time of transition.

Take time to pray for their changes in life this week, ask God to give them grace and strength and protection and that it all will work out for His greater plan and then reach out to them in a loving way.

For those who were not able to attend class or those following the blog who want to put this into practice, here’s a nice visual to reference of how your card should look:


Everyone experiences Time of Transition in life and all different seasons of life. Don’t forget as Christians that every season under heaven has a purpose.

You are Blessed to be a Blessing today!



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