Recharge Through Music

We have just finished up our RECHARGE series in Telos! We were able to review the Four Arms of Sunday School, Breaking through Spiritual Arrest, and breaking  through Barriers and going through Times of Transition.

All Christians go through seasons of fresh anointing and times of spiritual dryness. I hope our RECHARGE series inspired you to recharge spiritually in your own personal walk as well as looking forward to sharing our experience in the Telos class.

Over the last several years, God proved to me that He was ALL I needed and He always provided me a way made possible by Him as long I subjected myself to living the way He asks us to. This song helped me and gave me my own personal Recharge during times of feeling distraught, drained, and overwhelmed and even through periods of illness. God is the Almighty, He is our Great Physician and He is our portion! And He is ENOUGH!

Be Encouraged! Turn up your volume, hit play, and be refreshed with this song. God bless you!


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