Series Two: Build Up! Starts Sunday

We had so much fun at our celebration Sunday last week giving out coffee gift cards to some random winners and eating candies and cupcakes after playing a great game of Bible Trivia that stumped us all!

I am so excited and filled with anticipation to kick off our second series of this educational year in Telos this week Sunday called Build Up! This is based off a book entitled, “Spiritual Warfare: Joining Jesus by Conquering Evil” written by Dr. David Feddes.

Dr. Feddes was the voice of the the “Back to God hour” on national radio for over 20 years. He is currently the Provost of where I am attending ministry school. I have enjoyed all of his lectures and teachings and feel that he has a unique insight and sense of understanding the Bible that most people don’t. His book I am using throughout our series can be purchased through Amazon by clicking here.

Please plan to join us on Sunday, October 23rd to kick off this amazing 5-week series.We begin around 11:30 and meet in the Sanctuary following the coffee time. I look forward to seeing you there!




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