Just Run Here

TRUTH: I woke up wanting to run somewhere else today. But God is faithful…

This song was a great reminder for me today as it pertains to some family issues I am dealing with alongside a heavy and burdened heart I am holding for our great nation of America these days. I find that learning how to minister and in doing the hard task of simply “fighting the good fight of faith” there’s no doubt about it… some days are just plain hard! Even today’s weather with its dark and colorless skies, cold and pouring rain, and blowing wind seems to murmur my mood as well, yet I choose to have joy. I choose to pick up my sword and fight!

Fighting the devil through worshiping our Savior in song is a great way to get through hard moments and difficult days. Paying attention to the lyrics that have been poured into a worship song can also build you up with encouragement and a glimpse into what God has planned for you. Turn up your speakers and dwell on this song for a bit. It sure is the best place to run to when you don’t know where to run at all! God bless you!


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