Miracles Show God’s Love for Us

In this series of digging into learning more about Jesus’ miracles, I am feeling that God is revealing to me that Jesus loved to set people free from ailments, demons, sicknesses and disabilities. He “had compassion” on them. He talked to them about His kingdom. He loved to give and give in abundance. He loved to show that He was the one capable of making one whole. Miracles are a way of teaching us about his great grace and mercy and how He wants to be the one to save us.

Do you know He can still do that today? All you have to do is surrender your will to His. However, being humans this is much easier said than done. Living in a fallen world rampant with sin is the hardest part of being a Christian. Yet, God asks us to believe in faith, to shine our light, to go out and be different. May we encourage one another like “iron sharpens iron” to make one another feel loved, confident, and truly free because of God’s grace of sending His son Jesus. Here is a great song that reminds us we are sooooooooooooo loved by God. Please listen and be encouraged!


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