He did WHAT? ~ Final Session Jesus and Healing

For our final session of the He did WHAT? series, I had to approach Jesus and the miracles of healing He performed. There are countless times, it seems, that Jesus was healing. I am prompted to say everywhere he went, he performed miracles of healing to people. To sum up Jesus and his ability to heal we focused this particular session on the story of the Centurion’s servant who was healed. You can find this account written in two of the four Gospels.

Matthew 8:5 – 13 and Luke 7: 1 -10


During this lesson we discussed three key points.

  1. simple faith, unlikely believer 

    At this time the Centurion was just that – a Roman soldier. He was there to enforce the Emperor’s rule and was a man of war. He had stood out enough in his job to receive a high ranking (meaning he was likely brutal and an excellent soldier) and he was certainly not a Jew; yet he had testimony of Jewish elders on his behalf. He was noted for making a way for the Jews by building a synagogue. He was what could be seen by many as a “good man” regardless of being a soldier. He was likely not even present there yet he AMAZED Jesus by his faith.


  2. the perfect illustration/example of what was to come

    This is a perfect illustration of how Jesus makes a way for us Gentiles. We are not Jewish, yet so many will be able to inherit the kingdom of heaven because of the way of Jesus.


  3. FAITH can heal.

    Having faith is a simple request from Jesus. Yet, in our human states it is the hardest thing to do. As the Pilgrims Progress illustrates and the Bible confirms – it is a narrow and rocky path, one that can at time be unbearable. We may or may not experience healing miracles such as being rid of disease, receiving sight where we could not see, be raised from the dead yet God may also look into our hearts and grant our requests of healing too, if it is for His benefit and for His glory.

The Old Testament is such an important part of the Bible. It bring the beginning and middle to the story and often has amazing foreshadowing of what was to come when Jesus finally arrived on earth. During this series, I wanted to tie it to the Old Testament. I did this by landing in I Samuel.

I Samuel 16:7 – Samuel was a prophet who God sent to Jesse (David’s father) to anoint one of Jesse’s sons to be King. Even in verse 6 it says that Samuel say Eliab and thought he would be the anointed one, yet it wasn’t. In fact, the story goes on to state that 7 of Jesse’s sons went before Samuel and were not the chosen one.

Overall, the story of the Centurion’s faith is a perfect example of what God laid out for His chosen King, David, as it is said in verse 7 the Lord spoke to Samuel and said, “Do not consider his appearance of his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”





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